A Boy Child with face down
A Boy Child with face down
When expectations
marries disappointments
I look up to the sky
Through the sun
Wondering when heaven
Will smile on me and dissolve their union
Big Boys Don’t Cry
The word that slashed my tongue out
But I cried ; the tears gushed like a river
I was a lonely boy like a caged lion
In a dungeon
Begging for my future
And ready to devour
Like a starved lion
In you look through my heart
I have a bucket of tears
That is obscure for years
Filled to the brim by the greetings of my palms might
Whenever my body spits venom
flies gathered in a round table meeting
Against my perceived enemy(ies)
My tears elope to the sky
Like an angel
And my body starts burning
In a riverine area
Big boys don’t Cry
That was the parcel the world serves us
It bombed us like “Dele Giwa”
They claimed it’s a weakness
Whenever there is a crack in the rock
And a coin of tears drop, thus
Boys should always hide their tears
Just like a caring mother
Would hide her child from a pedophile
But boys cry too
Yes we do
Just like girls do too
We have feelings ;
and sadness
But why do you scream
When boys cry ?
Hey !
Boys !
cry out and never let the world
Handcuff those tears from raining
And falling
Freely let out those tears
Just like ladies free
Their breasts on “No bra day”
When they fall out
You will feel alive like a sharpened rod.
Yes Big Boys Cry

I do too.

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  1. Thankfully, numerous programs ( and even a film ) are working to expand the definitions of manhood. Studies show that programs that build young men’s understanding of how masculine norms influence their behavior can produce healthy shifts in attitudes and behaviors. In the words of one such participant, “The ManKind Project gave me the opportunity to live a life of connection with the world around me, rather than isolation and fear.” Child Trends has also compiled research on ways to improve the healthy development of boys, ways to prevent or reduce socio-emotional difficulties in adolescents, and best practices in bullying prevention . Recently, a 16-year-old boy saw a man on a bridge and asked him, “Are you okay?” After talking with him for forty-five minutes, the boy convinced the man to seek treatment at a hospital, and prevented his suicide. As more boys are able to express their emotions, empathize, and ask for help in a community that celebrates rather than bullies them, I have to believe that fewer boys (and men) will struggle with addiction, mental illness, and suicide.

  2. Vibrators, thank you for your comment, there are new developments now and more people are waking up to the realities of also taking care of the boy child. When we take good care of the Boy Child, the Girl Child will be safer in our society


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