A boy Child
A boy Child
I am a boy whose voice has been
Stolen by the noise of the society
And hid under the umbrella of feminists
Rendering me deaf and dumb like
A woman in the other room
I am like a leaf whose stem has been
Used for sacrifice by the oppressors
I carry my smile everywhere like
A Mother would to his baby
Beneath those smiles are rivers
Of tears that cries blood and ocean
Day and night like a vulture
Writing them in secret verse
Big boys don’t cry
But there’s a tear anytime
My heart beats, it fly
My tears have lived hundred years
Before I was rescued out of my shell.
I have been cajoled not to voice
out my pains but cover them in my palms
Rubbing them on my face like lotions
But one day I will join the league
Of boys who will hang their voices on
in the morning’s dew
Calling the shots and leaving my cocoon.
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