Do not blame me for this dark thoughts
For they know my surname
They call me by my first name
We have been neighbors
Since I  christened
The thoughts of how mother abandoned me
In the the cubicle of self discovery
I am to go find myself just
Like a needle thrown into the river
How can you find it ?
Dear Son,
She said,
Never think of coming home
You are a man now
I search through her eyes
Open chapters that were broken into
Lines and verses
In desperation to make her feel my pain
She bluffed me off
Do not be a coward
She muttered at the tears
Forming a river before her
Also read this about the boys who were aborted
Tell mama,
I will sharpen my sword
And cut my heart,
She will find no blood 
      but pain
      Scars in it
Throwback to when Indecision
Built the wall of Jericho in my head
A wall so hard to scale except through tears
But Mother wouldn’t let me drink my tears
“Freeze the coward and break the cowardice”
Her favourite anthem she sings to me daily.
I will send my greetings to those tears
And extend my friendship to them
Against Mama’s wish to make them my enemies.
When has it become a crime to be a boy ?
Flowing with blood and not stones ?
How do you count a mother’s stress ?
Do you count them by the success of their boys or the failures they bring ?
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