DREAMS NOT FOR SALE – for boys like me thinking of giving up
Years after they told us we’re the leaders of tomorrow, they led us  still; thus making me to wonder if tomorrow will ever come. But I kept the hope alive because Papa once told me that, “dreams can come true if I have the courage to pursue them.”
Papa! I’ve ran several miles and walked when I become tired; I didn’t quit but rested in my bid to keep up with those dreams. But now, I’m putting them up for sale for I can’t go any further.
And never question the sun for my being weary.
When I would go no further, I was approached by some men with an offer. Papa, I took to your words again that says, “build your dreams or someone else would hire you to build theirs.” And had I not declined their offer, I’d have been lined alongside with them with backs tied to drums and lives cut short through gun shots by firing squad.
Do you still remember one of those dreams when I said that I’d build you and Mum a new house bigger than Aso Rock when I returned from the journey you sent me to school ?
That dream has now been washed away by new sets of dreams when I saw my mates on the assembly ground singing successes’ anthem, but after they left for the notice board to check their G.P., only to behold their grades wielding blistering fire with a bold letter “F”, because they holds no woman’s key to unlock the code to the lecturer’s heart; while those who never attended class were served fork to lick excellence for the fact that they cum….right in their office, and the same pen that was used to measure failure into the souls of the former was the same used to give a partial success to the latter.
And just when I wanted to make a u-turn from the dreams since it looks like the sun has forgotten about me being a small village and the system once taught me to use what I have to get what I want thus making me to want to use Baba’s lines for the white man in exchange for his dollars; then I behold lost souls whom like me has lost tracks of their dreams being caught up in their acts for I watched the repercussion of their deeds activated, because they’ve crossed the river with their bodies before their eyes.
Papa, I’m taking away this billboard of lost hope for my dreams been put up for sale. For it’s better I tarry a while and accomplish them than taking the short cuts and regret it later on in life. Besides, who goes back for his hat after escaping the lion’s den?
Dear boy child who is thinking of giving up like me, before you give up on your dreams; remember who you are – a beacon of strength for the weak.
Read this too about the friend of my youths and the irony of his dreams.
Written By
Adeshina Abiodun Emmanuel


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