Is School A Scam ?
Is School A Scam ?
Is School really a scam ?
A school is not only meant to teach students the theory and the ABC of this world but to also mold them to fit properly into the society. Going to school has never been a guarantee to wealth or success if you choose that.


There are those I call “Idiots With B.S.C,” those are the ones who refuses to use their thinking to change their conditions. They are the ones who believe that the only place they can work is an office with full air-conditioned.
The primary purpose of education is to distinguish the learners apart from the ordinary beings. However, education means different things to different people, it all depends on how you look at it. Stories have been told of the good old days where students who graduated were greeted with a landing job. Those stories no longer hold water today, because best students in school can’t even find meaningful employment to occupy themselves with.
These problems makes most of these graduates depressed, while some of them are busy blaming the government for not providing jobs for them, some engage in self-pity, a few of them are taking the bull by the horn and championing a future for themselves. The ones that keeps blaming the Government are the “Idiots With B.S.C.”


It has not always been like that where graduates are humiliated publicly by the everyday people on the street. These graduates used to be respected, but in this country and the way the world is going, money rules the world. When you have money, it doesn’t matter the level of your intelligence, the attention of the world literally draws to you. There is this overnight celebrity status conferred on such persons. These fresh graduates are seen as wastage to the society they live in.


The new wave rocking the street now is the “Street Ti Take Over” mantra which presupposes that getting education is no longer important but the money is the real deal. The late Nigerian rapper,  Dagrin, once said ;
“How do you convince the upcoming generations that education is the key, when our society is filled with poor graduates and rich Yahoo guys.”
A deep thought on the above thoughts will open your mind to the unseen which is quite troubling and poses a greater danger to Nigeria as a country.
The Popular Yoruba rapper, cum Street rapper Olamide, is the main proponent of that agenda which seeks to downplay the education that we all cherish as a people. To such people, because they dropped out of school and by sheer hardwork or by chance they were fortunate enough to make it. They now encourage people to follow their school of thoughts.
They tell people to look at Bill Gate, Steve Jobs and the likes, but they have forgotten that even as rich as Bill-Gates is, he reads almost everyday and without education he wouldn’t be where he is today.
Who should be blame ?
The school-system or the Government ?
Maybe we should blame the students themselves for not thinking of innovative ways to empower themselves.
Why Education Is Not  Scam
We are definitely in a perilous times, things are hard for young graduates because after your youth service, there is never a guarantee that you are going to get a job. Should I mention the myriad of problems that will challenge you ?
The peer pressure mode, the parental pressure, societal pressures and so on.
Hard Times
During these hard moments, you can wail if you want, there is a guarantee that it won’t change anything.You will make decisions that can take you hundreds of steps backward or take you to the future you so desire.
It is only natural with all the challenges, amidst the insults to think your education was a waste and a total scam.
I have been there before, but never in your lifetime allow that thought process grow in your mind.
Education no matter how small is never a waste, every single moment we breathe in this earth we  acquire new thought process.
Education was and is never a scam because history has shown that man is the maker of his own destiny. He possesses the ability to multiply nothingness into abundance through his years of experience which also counts as education.
Bear in mind that your experiences during   those perilous moments is also an education, but what you make of it will determine if you will be judged a good student or not.
Education is never a scam because you have been equipped with the ability to reason out of any situations. It is only when you place all your hopes on your certificate that your education is a scam. When you are unable to think beyond your certificate or the four walls of aninstitutions, then we can conclude that education is a scam.
But if you can start something for yourself devoid of your certificate, there is this Joy within that overwhelms you knowing that your certificate is only an added advantage.
What Can I Do To Make Sure My Education Is Not A Scam ?
The best way to prove that your education is not a scam is to be productive in whatever you are doing. Productivity gives you the courage that you are doing the right thing.
There are possible ways to do this;
– Learn A Skill
The importance of skills cannot be over-emphasised in this hard times and in this ever  growing technological world. One of the shortcomings of the school system is that it never equips students with skills needed to function after their stay in school. In my own case, I never heard of Digital-Marketing, Web-Development, Graphics when I was in school. I was never told I could actually pursue a career in it. What I knew and probably what you are been thought today is just to study hard and pass out with flying colours. That is good enough, but in addition to it, learn a skill and master it.
– Submit To A Mentor
I never knew the importance of a mentor until life presented itself with different challenges that were above my understanding. It was then it dawned on me that I can’t do it all by myself, I need a teacher, a guardian who can always point me to the right directions. Mentorship is a great opportunity to connect with those who are where you had always wanted to be. It is an opportunity to connect with vision builders. In whatever you do, get a mentor.
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– Ask Questions
Asking questions is very important in a Man’s journey to greatness, when you don’t ask question, you are left wandering and sauntering the earth all by yourself. A man with a question will always get answers. When you feel lost or certain things, issues or situations of life become complex , that is the time to seek knowledge and ask the right questions.
– Shun Distractions
It is very hard to shun distractions from the movies shown on the tele-screen to the ladies dancing butt naked and all other distractions such as BB-Naija that tends to derail the Nigerian youths. The popular BB-Naija competition will soon hit the television screen and then a lot of youths will invest their time in watching, arguing and watching unproductive activity that adds nothing to their growth as a human being. Other than ponography and illusive fantasies.
However, as a focused individual you have the capacity to decide what you want as a person. Either to embrace things that adds to you or the ones that removes from you.
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A reader today is a leader tomorrow. It surprises me to see youths who do not read after their school life. Reading useful and personal development books, Literature, science helps broaden your horizons. It presents you the opportunity to see the world from another angle. This is one of the ways to make sure your education was never a scam.
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