Over the years the society has and continue to have a surge in the advocacy for the Girl-child while neglecting the Boy.
With so much emphasis on the girl child, everyday the society paints a picture that tends to describe boys/men as the masterminds of violence. A picture that seeks to make the girl child see themselves as victims of the boy child.  While ignoring the fact that the girl child would be more safer when the boy child is educated the same way attention is paid to the latter.

Talk About War

When war erupts, calls are made to the warring factions not to touch women, aged and children- girls. During this period young boys are often recruited by the warring factions into their cadet of armed gangs.
While I agree that girls and indeed women should not in any way be harmed, I made bold to say that the boys should also be protected just the same way we have done to the girls during war moments.
The Armed fighters today were once those little boys our society ignored. If they had been given the equal fair share of attention just like the one the girl child received, they would have turned better. But instead we are made to face the consequences of the decisions we failed to make.

When A Boy Get Abused

There are dire consequences that follows the boy child getting abused especially sexually. It could spell doom if not genuinely handled in a professional way.
In the Article written by Mojirade Oji, she examined a research made by the Lagos State Domestic Violence Response Team, led by a team of experts, including a clinical psychologist, social worker and a criminologist.
For inmates serving terms on sexual molestation and child defilement at the Ikoyi Prisons and Maximum and Medium Prisons located in Apapa. The report shows that many of the accused were sexually molested while
growing up.
The data was made possible through the analysis from semi structured interviews and questionnaires from 131 male sex offenders with participants aged 18 and above drawn from different local government area of Lagos State revealed that 80.9 percent of inmates were abused as a child, a pointer to the facet that they were had been sexually active at a very early stage in their lives.
The data further shows that some inmates lost their virginity to family members and older acquaintances who took advantage if then during their early formative years.
The continuous advocacy for the rights of the girl child is a laudable one but at the same time, neglect of the boy child will do nothing but to spell doom for us as a people, society.


There is so much undue pressure on the Boy Child. Pressures that reminds him of working hard to get things in his family up and running or been mocked scornfully by the same society and people that celebrates him when he gets his major wins.
For instance we teach the girl child how to avoid rape, how to be a good mother.
But do you ever take out time to teach the boys not to rape ?
Do you teach the boys how to be a better man ?
Do you teach them what to do when they get raped ?
When you fail to educate the Boy Child, you are indirectly creating a violent army that will trigger revolution and spell doom, not just on you but every single Girl Child they come across.
Stereotypes And Vulnerability
The Boy Child is born vulnerable with no thanks to the societal constraints of masculinity and its attending stereotypes.
These boys have been overwhelmed by these stereotypes that has prevented them from reporting cases of abuse.
How Do You Help ?
You can help the Boy Child by making sure that you help them function without these stereotypes.
Boys must be given adequate and necessary information on all types of abuses. How to avoid getting abused and how to heal from the pain if they get abused. And this information should be given to them at their formative years.
Provide Boys With Mentors
If there is anything the Boy Child needs aside all the care and teaching, it is mentors. Life can be extremely hard for young boys especially in a third world continent like Africa.
The Boy Child has become less competitive owing to the pressure placed on their shoulders by the society.
Getting mentors will help ease out all the stress and enable them make informed decision about their lives and careers.
Successful men who have who have a track record should begin to consider mentoring these young boys because, If they fail to do that, it will affect them negatively and the society at large.
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1- How can you help the boy child achieve his dreams ?
2- Do you educate your boy child just the way you do to you girl child ?
3- Can you adopt a Boy Child ?
4- How can you help a sexually abused boy ?
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