UpFront And Personal With The Coke Addict- Mojeree

mojere with the boys
mojere with the boys

This week, the Bcmnation crew gets Upfront and personal with the Coke Addict.

Enjoy our conversation below.

Can you tell us about yourself ?

 Mojèrè Shinaayomi Coke Addict
Mojèrè Shinaayomi Coke Addict

I am Mojèrè Shinaayomi by name a poet, tourist, model, coke addict and a radical advocate of African culture.
I hold a bachelor degree in English and Literary Studies from the prestigious University of Ibadan.

I was born in the ancient Oyo town to the family of Mr & Mrs Adejare. I am deeply rooted in the Yoruba traditions, values, norms and cultures.

In a dramatic way, describe your childhood days

Mojere :

As a boy child, I was the first male child of the family. For as long as I can remember, I had always hated to recall those days.Though I had this nostalgia feeling & Ajepako form with a favorite memories I would always love to go back and I hope to recaptured my lonely days as well.Throwing stones on the branches of the tree to gather some guavas. I was surprisingly good at it.
Please spear me my childhood memories, I don’t really want to go there anymore.

What dreams did you have back then as a boy child and what dreams do you have now ?


Back then, a lot was going through my mind and I can’t really picture myself having a dream because I thought it was just a child play. I had lost all hope until I started believing in my ability.
But today, I have a dream to become a brand Ambassador to Coca Cola bottling company which was my fifth dream, though this was a dream I have been nursing from my childhood days but I fear to face it.

How did you get the name “Coke Addict ?”

Mojere: I got the name this due to my intake of Coke. To be sincere with you, a day can hardly pass without me taking a bottle of Coke because it ignite the spark in me.The moment I take a chill Coke, I get this positive vibe.

Have you ever been noticed or shown the green light by the Coca-Cola Management in your quest to become their brand ambassador ?

Mojere: My pursuit to become Coca Cola Ambassador is incredibly fulfilling but every day

Coke Addicts
A group of Boys, the coke addicts

presents a new challenge and a new thing to learn and I love the ending development I get to make.
Well ,you know there are somethings not to be opened out. According to the Yoruba adage’Ti isu eni baa ta adawo bo ni’
I have been noticed by the company, last year December they followed me on my Instagram & twitter handle. I also got a big surprise this year when my post was retweeted by them on my twitter account and often they like all my activities and which got the attention of their top staff. There are more to say but I won’t want to go there for now.


Can you tell us your fears, Mistakes and Failures and Success ?

Mojere: My fear are expectations and people. When I say expectation, on my journey to get coca cola endorsement, I am indebted to a lot of people of which am still brainstorming on how to pay them back.

People: A lot of people doubted me when I started the movement even families but today I have earned credibility through sheer focus and consistency.

Today I have created my own legacy & rewrite history. I have tell the world that one day my insanity would become sanity.

Are you a writer ?

Mojere: Yes I am a writer

What is your view on Art and Literature and Supreme Being ?

Mojere: Art is life and literature deals with socio-cultural milieu and human imagination.

What is your greatest wish this 2019 ?

Mojere: My greatest wish in 2019 is getting Coca Cola Endorsement as I have been on this journey for 6yrs. I am working hard on this and prays my wish becomes reality.

If you get picked as Coca-Cola ambassador today, how will you celebrate it ?

Mojere: That will be a cheering news. I will celebrate it with the people who have had my back all these years. Those who supported me through prayers, advise and funds not forgetting consultations.

Can you tell us who has influenced your life more between your father and your mother ?

Mojere: I will say my father for he’s a father that fathered.

Why is it that when children become successful they always mention their mother as the brain behind their success. But you will hardly ever hear them mention their Father ?

Mojere: In my own view, it depends on who such child relate with and remember our mother are goddess.Without them the story of a man is incomplete.

How can our society help the boy child fulfill his dreams and stay out of negative influences ?

Mojere: If we are serious about helping the boy child fulfill his dreams then we should give them the reasons and hope that their voice can be heard.
Let them know that they are not a product of circumstances by showing them love, educating and enlightening them. By doing that, the sky will be their stepping stone.

In most of your pictures, we can see young boys laughing with a bottle of Cocacola with them. How often do you associate with them ?

Mojere: As a boy child, who’s a product of circumstances and other odd of the society. I  grew up on the street, live on the street and earn from the street. I grew up to touch a life, make a difference and put smile on their face(boy child) because they are dreamers, dream catcher and chaser like us.
The voice of the boy child must be heard.

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 How much support do you receive from friends and families ?

Mojere: At onset it was challenging because families and friends find it difficult to belief in the dream but today support is coming from both end can be rated to 65%

Do you have any regrets in life ?

Mojere: I do not have any regrets in life because for anything I do I take a bold step and accept the consequence.

You often take quality pictures to depict your love for Coca-Cola, How do you get funds ?

Mojere: I source for fund myself through work and from lovers of Arts who are in support of my movement.

What can you tell the Boy Child who want to be dogged in his pursuit of his dreams like you ?

Mojèrè Shinaayomi - The Coke Addict
Mojèrè Shinaayomi – The Coke Addict

Mojere: To that boy child, Focus determination and Being courageous.
The Boy child should know that every human are design and destined to face challenges but when it comes, never let your mind dwell on it. But find possible solutions to those challenges. And until you fight those challenges back, that is when you know the real you.
Remember life is with punches.The real fighter in you is when you stand to fight it back.

Thank you for taking time to talk to us today. We wish you all the best and we will keep following your progress.

Mojere: Am humbled sir

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