A father and his boy child with their scars
A Father and his boy wears their scars

How T o Wear Your Scars

Swimsuits are used for swimming
Just like medals are for those win-(in)
Broken bottles cannot be joined
To make a form of clay
Scars are like tears
Which should never drop
from a Man’s face
The subtle Subterfuge the
society traded upon your fears
Oozing from the depth of of a carved beliefs
Scars with dignity
A picture describing scars for boys and men
The pictures of your scars
Should be written in Gold and Silver
They should gush like a river
Spreading their tentacles with
Face beaming with smiles
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Your scars are your clothes
Which should be ironed with grit
Worn with the audacity to lead
Putting bickering on its toes
And making cowries dance under your feet
Jostling for space with sand
When darkness mount the way
And your mates serve you food
Nourished with bullies of bickers
You should bury violence in a coffin
Crack the shells, raise your head
Gallantly with dignity and wear your scars
As if they were honours.
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